24. Mai

100% Concert Edition: Dai Burger

[Queens, US]


24. Mai



Hip - Pop

Born and raised in Queens, this girl is lyrically equipped with endless and relentless sassy “girl” raps, distinct singing, and a stage performance like none other. Between her raunchy styles, twerk-a-licious dancers and outfits made specifically to drop jaws, Dai Burger’s presence on the New York underground music scene is becom- ing harder to ignore.

Aftershow Party
brudicatdolls [Nu_Levelz | 100% | Trier]
Cochija [100% _ Bochum]
Galleur [100% _ ONYGO]

Einlass: 20:00 / Beginn: 21:00
VVK: 8 € + Geb. / AK: 10 €