29. Apr

Mhysa und LAWD KNOWS


29. Apr



R&B, electronica or modern soul

Nicht Mainstream aber dennoch das beste Album des Jahres 2017 hat sie kreiert: Mhysa,a Queer Black Diva and underground popstar, sprengt alle Limits!Mit “fantasii” hatte sie Erfolg auf allen Linien und sie ist in aller Munde:Boomkat #7 Release Of The Year 2017,Pitchfork #10 Experimental Album Of 2017,The Wire #20 Album Of The Year 2017,FACT Mag #24 Album Of The Year 2017,Tiny Mix Tapes #10 Release Of The Year 2017,The Quietus #89 Album Of The Year 2017,“fantasii” premieres on Afropunk,Thunder Penguin premieres “bb”,the Quietus Albums of the Month,Mixmag premieres debut album “fantasii”…
Press:“This album is completely nuts and brilliant – Mhysa is in possession of a totally compelling voice and production style, feeding into a sound that’s prone to intuitively explore and reassert the limits of what we know as R&B, electronica or modern soul in 2017. One of the best things we’ve heard this year in any genre and a total no brainer if you’re into anything from Klein to Abra to Grouper. “

Represented Worldwide. lawd knows is a DJ, sculptor and sound artist born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland. In addition to his improvisational technology-driven performance art and whirlwind DJ sets, lawd knows has been tapped by FACT Magazine as a producer to watch in 2017.lawd knows has remixed artists including Chino Amobi, Mhysa and Endgame for cutting-edge labels like NON Worldwide and PTP and released mixes for TTB, Halcyon Veil, NTS and the Fader. His original tracks, edits and remixes have received DJ support from DJ Haram, SKY H1, SHYBOI, Marvelito, Lechuga Zafiro, DJ Riobamba, TTB, N-Prolenta, Endgame, Chino Amobi and Baby Blue.

Einlass: 20:00 / Beginn: 21:00
VVK: 10 € + Geb. / AK: 13 €