25. Apr


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25. Apr



σίγουρα καπνίζουν κάποια ζιζάνια...

Naxatras is part of those bands which take its inspiration from the roots of music, where it all started. Like bands like Goat or Master Musicians of Bukkake, Naxatras is born with this will to bring (back?) psychedelic music to his foundation, primary beats, spirits incantations and shamanic vibes! Listening to their first LP is something that you’ll have to experiment. There is something liberating about their songs, while listening I had the feeling that they are in great control of what they’re playing, so easily in control that they can just let the music roll without pushing it roughly to another place, notes are floating, showing the flow and your soul will just follow it! Trance music?

RAY TEMPLE (Aachen, Germany)
The five men formed this band with astonishing rumbling drums, a dark and shiny voice, a leading fingerlickin´ licks guitar, another guitar which follows and also gives some riffy chords and weird tones, and a bass, which may blow your mind (or makes you dance on the rooftop of your neighbours house). And that´s all what really is needed to express their musical passion that leads straight towards your rock and roll-happiness. This is made for you, man!

Einlass: 19:30 / Beginn: 20:30
VVK: 12 + Gebühr / AK: 15