11. Nov

SNA proudly presents: the Crazy Squeeze (US)

& Shrimp & DJs


11. Nov



Cult punk band „The Crazy Squeze“ has just released the new album „Saviour of the streets“ out in Europe for the German label Wanda Records and in the USA for Disconnected records, and they are eager to come and play in Europe again, here is a brief presentation:
The Crazy Squeeze is that rare case of a supergroup that’s been so good for so long that it no longer feels right to call it a supergroup. These days, we talk less about these guys‘ other bands and more about the amazing records they’ve been churning out as The Crazy Squeeze. Comparing Savior of the Streets to the group’s self-titled debut from 2012, I hear a band that today has a much more fully developed idea of who it is and what kind of music it wants to make. While the term „pub rock“ has definite associations with a specific place and time in music history, The Crazy Squeeze has reinvented the term in a broader sense. Its version of pub rock is the perfect mix of glam-influenced ’77 punk and pure old style rock n‘ roll – with hooks that would be the envy of just about any pop band.

Vorgruppe: Shrimp

+ DJ Bunker Wolf & DJ Amer Africain

Einlass: 20:00 / Beginn: 21:00
AK: 8,-